2018 Race Results


Congratulations to all participants on their results in the 2018 11th Beachside Dash Fun Run. Awards were presented to 1st, 2nd & 3rd outright and then 1st, 2nd & 3rd for each age group category.

2018 Beachside Dash Results

Runners and onlookers basked in the spring sunshine on Sunday 9th September for the 11th annual St George Beachside Dash.

The weather did not disappoint, bringing more than 700 people to the annual event that raises funds for St George and Sutherland Medical Research Foundation.

Runners powered through either 10, five or two kilometre races, raising more than $60,000 – helping to support research programs in the St George and Sutherland Hospitals.

Mother and daughter winners Belinda Martin and Imogen Stewart took out first place for females in the 10 km and 5 km events.

Imogen, 13, has won the 5 km event three years in a row!

Her mum had her fastest time for the 10 km with a 33.45 finish.

“I have run this event almost every year,” Ms Martin said. “I try my best to support local events and the funds of this event go towards a great cause.”

The 10 km first place male was a close finish with Mark Simpson pipping the post at 32.21 –  just eight seconds ahead of last year’s winner Christian Lotter.

Foundation chief executive Jacquie Stratford said she was delighted with the turnout on the day.

“This year everyone was a winner with medals being awarded to all participants,” she said.



1st Male – Mark Simpson 00:32:21

1st Female – Belinda MARTIN  00:33:45

2nd Male – Christian LOTTER   00:32:29

2nd Female – Noni COOPER 00:35:52

3rd Male – Anibal Juncal 00:35:32

3rd Female- Charlotte EMERY 00:36:18

Overall 10km – Mark  Simpson 00:32:21


1st Male – Stuart RENNIE 00:16:32

1st Female – Imogen    STEWART 00:16:50 

2nd Male – Mark HIGGS 00:16:37

2nd Female – Shannon RICHARDS 00:17:54

3rd Male – Kyle MCINTOSH 00:16:40

3rd Female – Lucy Alexander 00:18:40

Overall 5km – Stuart RENNIE 00:16:32

2KM KIDS    

Under 6

1st Boy – Phoenix CAMPBELL 00:09:57

1st Girl – Lani Alexander 1327 00:11:11

2nd Boy – Hugo Molachino 00:10:25

2nd Girl – Zoe RUSSELL 00:12:27

3rd Boy – Christopher MIYAKIS 1314 00:10:33

3rd Girl – Elizabeth SMITH 00:13:55

6 – 7 yrs

1st Boy –  William SMITH 00:08:55

1st Girl – Lilly MOLACHINO 00:09:09

2nd Boy – Sotaro MORTENSEN 00:09:01

2nd Girl – Maya ELLMOOS 00:09:18

3rd Boy – Riley RUSSELL 00:09:09

3rd Girl – Olivia Kalamvokis 00:09:39

8-9 yrs

1st Boy – Jude LOW  00:07:38

1st Girl – Zahra Zahr 00:09:01

2nd Boy – Austin Alexander 00:07:38

2nd Girl – Anika SPONGBERG 00:09:48

3rd Boy – Eoin RICHARDS 00:07:43

3rd Girl – Amber SULLIVAN  00:10:48

10-12 yrs

1st Boy – Jesiah  LOW  00:06:43

1st Girl – Sienna Wright 00:07:15

2nd Boy – Oliver  Dalton 00:08:09

2nd Girl – Emily Wood  00:07:34

3rd Boy – Riley MATTHEWS  00:08:52

3rd Girl – Alana Wood 00:07:53

2km Overall – Jesiah LOW 00:06:43


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