Fundraising Tips

Get Started Fundraising Today!

In just a few simple steps, you can create a fundraising page, personalise it, and share it via email or social media. Here are our top tips:

1. Set a goal. SSMRF supports St George & Sutherland Hospitals to facilitate life saving and life-improving research. Click here to read all the areas that SSMRF currently funds, including trauma, heart disease, lung disease and cancer. You can have an immediate impact on health outcomes today – so make your goal ambitious!

2. Write a list. Choose ten family members, friends and colleagues to ask for donations. This will ensure your fundraising kicks off with a bang. You’ll have raised your first $100 before you know it.

3. Create an online fundraising page. If you’ve registered for an event, like the Beachside Dash, you’ll automatically receive a page.

4. Personalise your page. You’ll be prompted to take 4 Small Actions – Upload a Profile Photo, Add a Personal Story, Post an Update and Share Your Page’s Link. This is the easiest and most effective way to connect your fundraising page to your Facebook & Twitter, and share via email. These 4 Small Actions have been proven to raise significantly more funds.

5. Be the first to donate. Again, this has been proven to work! If you put your money where your mouth is, others will do the same!

6. Ask, and ask again. Don’t be afraid to ask multiple times, or in a number of ways. If you’ve tried emailing and Facebook, you could also try sending an SMS or instant message. You could add your fundraising link to your email signature, or add a story on your website. Make promises! If you reach your goal, then maybe you’ll run in costume…or host a bake sale. There are lots of creative ways to raise a few extra dollars.

7. Post status updates on your fundraising wall. Use your page to keep your donors up to date. You can add photos – of your training and motivations. Use the page to remind people why you support medical research.